Our Team

Who we are

Blue Water Home Loans - committed to integrity, education, and consultation.

Integrity- give clients the loan we would give ourselves or our family members.

Education-strive to keep our clients informed and educated on the entire loan process.

Consultation- walk our clients hand in hand through the loan process and provide expert advice and follow up, earning their trust and future referrals.

Senior Loan Processor/Office Manager NMLS #1596569

Holly Leffler

Holly has been with Blue Water Home Loans since it’s very beginning, she is an experienced mortgage processor with over 22 years in the mortgage industry. She has a vast knowledge and extensive training at processing FHA, VA, Convention and Rural Development loans, as well as many other types of mortgages. She is a very dedicated and driven person and commitment to this industry. Her job is to gather information and take each file from pre-approval to closing. She is responsible for ensuring that all loan documentation requested is complete, accurate and complies with company policy. She works hard striving to meet crucial deadlines to get your file to the closing table in a timely fashion.


Senior Loan Officer/
Branch Manager NMLS #166527

Lester Wilkins

Lester is co-founder and a managing partner of Blue Water Home Loans. He has been in the industry for over 15 years and offers the quality of service that only comes from closing hundreds of loans. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or refinance your existing home, give Lester a call. He has the loan for you.

Loan Partner

Bambi Sigafoose

Bambi joined out team in 2015 as our front office administrator and from there she transitioned to her current role as loan partner. Her primary responsibilities are to help clients in the early stages of the home loan process and preparing them for the next steps in the process. She collects preliminary information and documentation needed for the application, as well as communicating with the loan officers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Bambi excels at making our clients feel comfortable and confident as they move through the beginning of the home loan process.


Senior Loan Officer/
Branch Manager NMLS #166555

Chuck Wansedel

Chuck is co-founder and a managing partner of Blue Water Home Loans. He is a graduate of Central Michigan University where he studied Economics and Finance. He also studied basketball under head coach Charlie Coles. Chucks primary responsibilities are recruiting, developing team members and production management. Prior to founding Blue Water Home Loans Chuck was a customer service director for Dayton Hudson Department Stores in Metro Detroit, where he specialized in resolving customer concerns.

Loan Partner

Angela Kangas

Angela joined our team in 2016, bringing with her experience as a mortgage processor. She began with us as a processor but transitioned to loan partner, where she assists clients through the preapproval process. She delivers quality customer service while preparing the clients for what to expect from the initial phone call to closing on their home.


Loan Officer/Credit Coach
NMLS #1603912

Buzz Stanko

Buzz joined our team in August of 2016. Before joining Blue Water Home Loans, he was a partner and Realtor at Real Estate One Blue Water where he helped his clients with all their real estate needs. He now specializes in counseling borrowers on personal finance and credit and prepares them for the next steps in the home buying process.